Ellipsis Monday Photo

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot..

Flying BIRDS. Nesting BIRDS. Gooney BIRDS. Looney BIRDS. Real BIRDS. Stuffed BIRDS, both the toy and the sustenance. BIRDS with winter plumage, BIRDS taking a bath. BIRDS and their babies. BIRDS all alone. BIRDS in their houses. Red BIRDS. Black BIRDS. Bald BIRDS. BIRDS on a wire. Real BIRDS. Fake BIRDS. BIRDS.

You have until next Sunday evening, at 9:00 PM ET

Snowy Egrets are extra credit.

These birds I photographed in Homosassa, Florida 2007

This little guy has a beak problem...plastic we thought.
In just a few moments he had worked it loose.

This one was a huge begger...or maybe just wanted a buddy.

Pelicans...now they are really something to watch.
Larry, Moe and Curley Joe!!


  1. Great bird shots. The pelicans remind me of a poem an artist friend of my parents told me when I was a kid. He often painted oil paintings of fishing boats, marshes, etc.

    A mighty bird is the pelican.
    Whose mouth can hold more than his belly can.
    But I don't know how the hell it can!

    I know he didn't write it but I remember it to this day!

  2. I remember the poem Chris mentioned, although it was told to me without the last line he included. LOL! Very nice pictures, especially the pelicans.

  3. Hi T.J. :)

    Oooh... look... a Great Egret! And the pelicans, well they might just be my second favorite bird. LOL. They are such beauties, strange and unique. Neat entry! Have you played the Monday Photo Shoot before? I am drawing a blank. If not, welcome, if you have welcome anyway! LOL. It's always good to see your wonderful photos!

    Always, Carly

  4. I love your "larry, moe & curly joe" Great photos:)

  5. Wonderful shots! I love those tall elegant white birds (egrets?) and the pelicans are charming.

  6. Your shots remind me of the beach, thanks for warming up my day. Nice job!

  7. I'm glad the beak problem was sorted out so quickly. Beautiful photographs of two very elegant birds. The posterized picture is very artstically done.

  8. Those Pelicans! I have photo envy!

  9. Very cool. I don't think I've ever seen a pelican in person. We don't get many in Chicago. :)


Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever . . . it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
-Aaron Siskind