Barn Sale..

I thought is was a "Barn Sale" of old items inside...surprise!
I imagine this barn was a great barn at one point.
The owner said it was to costly to maintain and repair so it's fate is for sale..a single board, or the whole thing.

Mt. Morris, Michigan 2009


  1. Kinda sad...

    Yet, I'm often drawn to those old barns, ya know?


  2. Yes, it looks like that barn is ready for its parts to be used for something new. It has a chance for a new life!

  3. A Beauty!
    I love old places like that!

    Thanks for joining up in the Scavenger Hunt :)
    I have added you as being in the US, is that correct?

  4. Very cute. Like Nancy, I love barn shots. My desk top is this one:


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-Aaron Siskind