Natural lighting morning and evening

Round Robin Photo Challenge

The challenge topic for February 21st 2009 is:
"Light Moves" follow the link above to see others who played along...
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Enjoy the music....

The natural light effect of the morning sun...

A evening natural light in the window...

A tea light candle behind the glass lawn ornate I use as a magic ball for the granddaughters...

Apeture F-5
Shutter Speed 1/100's
Flash off on the above photos

Light reflections on glass entrance
[The flags]

Granddaughter Emily meets a new friend at gramas to play with...

along the creek...light filters through and creates diamonds in the water

My photos are shot in Grand Blanc, Mi. Feb. 2009


  1. I love all of your shots. The shadows are someting I also thought of. The dream...flowing just like a dream. And the magic tea light ball...awesome.

  2. Beautiful photos. The first one makes me feel so comfy & cozy, the second one is sooooo clever the way you put dream behind the curtains, the third one is magical & I love that you use this as a crystal ball with your grandkids!

  3. These are great pics, in particular, the shot of your granddaughter & her shadow. Smart!

    My entries are all posted on my new blog (Visual Dialogues). Please visit and comment.

    Take care & be well.

  4. I love all of them but I think that the shadow picture is my favorite! I love working in natural light but still having to learn how to best use it.

  5. beautiful photos. My favorite is the curtains one with "dream" peeking thru.

  6. The first photo is very relaxing and has such a comforting feeling. The one I really love is of your granddaughter and her new "friend" ... it was precious.


  7. Hi TJ :)

    WOW! I just LOVE this collection. :) The third lamp is so neat, but the "Dream" photo really needs to be in a framed poster! FABULOUS! Oh TJ... just wonderful. :::BIG SMILE:::

    Hugs, Carly

  8. Oh TJ! A post full of wonderful light examples! I LOVE the second one and I think it's even better because of the Dream word!

  9. Your photos are amazing. Each one captures a different quality. I especially like the globe with the tea light behind it and your granddaughter's shadow. (I have a granddaughter Emily, too!) Very nice job!

  10. Love them all but the "Dream" really caught my attention!

  11. Excellent. I especially love the first two and your granddaughter's shadow. Is the word "Dream" coming from a real object? It certainly gives the photo a dreamlike quality!

  12. A great set of shots. A great interpretation of the assignment.

  13. Love how "dreamy" those curtains look. And the shadow on the wall - just like Peter Pan. Lovely.

  14. I am indeed speechless, as these photos are so very beautiful and calming. Glad I popped in! This is a good ending to a long evening of reading.


Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever . . . it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
-Aaron Siskind