A enchanted fairies den??? I am convinced...are you?


Round Robin's Photo Challenge May 17th

The suggestion made to us by Kiva, who authors the blog, "Eclectic Granny." Here is what Kiva says about this challenge... take a photo of anything wooden.Merriam Webster defines the word "wooden" as: 1. made or consisting of wood. 2. lacking ease or flexibility, awkwardly stiff (e.g., wooden performer, a wooden speech). A picture of John Wooden or anyone named Wooden qualifies.

Well this challenge was quite the adventure!

I came across this wonderful tree rooted stump of a bridge while walking through the woods at the back of our place. I walked it but must admit it took alot of balance from start to finish.


Then I spotted just a wee bit up and off to the side I this the small, pungent leaflets covering a stick bridge that lead across the small end of the stream. I was able to jumpacross it landing only one foot once into the water before I had both feet on land.


Once I crossed, I walked loooking around and quite amazed when I came across this odd little wooden home site surrounded by wild violets and moss.
It looked to have a bark roof. I got down on both hands and knees to look closer when I seen what was far more then my eyes could believe.
I saw the teenie, weeniest of a vintage wicker trout fishing creel and a pole made from a twig with a hook .I had to rub my eyes twice but there again it was..... both times.


I do beilieve I have stumbled onto a FAIRIES ENCHANTED FOREST DEN.
I felt as if our spirits had united for all eternity.
Could this be the home of Cyhiraeth (kerherrighth)- Goddess of streams?


With much love for the challenge.

Thanks to all who visit. Having surgery on Monday May 19th, but I will return as soon as I am able.



  1. Oh, that really is enchanting! I love the roots, the green bower, and the termite stomp cottage. Excellent!

  2. Hi TJ :)

    I can see a community of wee folk living there! Shiny little wings, making music as they fly about. It is a pretty image that the possibility brings to mind, thank you for that. I am going to use that in my meditation tonight. I feel peaceful already. :)

    Always, Carly

  3. That first pic is too cool!

    I played too :)

  4. I expect a Gnome to appear out of the first photo! Great selection.


  5. I love the first picture ! it is amazing !

  6. Wonderful finds.....great iamges, TJ!
    I love exploring in the woods, you find some great stuff!

  7. How lucky you are to have fairy woods near your own home and that they allowed you to take pictures of their home. You must be special -- hope they watch over you during your surgery and that we'll hear from you soon.

  8. What a cool spot! I love the little fairyland and all you ahd to do to get there. :)

    Hope you're feeling well soon. XO


Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever . . . it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
-Aaron Siskind